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A new circular economy concept: from textile waste towards chemical and textile industries feedstock

RESYNTEX is about reviewing the entire value chain of textiles, from their production and consumption, to their journey towards recycling and/or waste. It shows how a symbiosis between the textile sector and the chemical industry can lead to a reduction of textile waste, by changing the course of the unwearable and poorly recycled blends.  RESYNTEX focuses on an improved and automatised sorting process, ensuring that more blends can be transformed into chemical products, without having them add up to the waste piles. 

But the project goes further. RESYNTEX also analyses consumers’ behaviour, understood within the entire process that our clothes go through. It also compares both economic models and public policy avenues, demonstrating how the improved textile trajectories can be integrated in our markets.

Our role Prospex Institute will contribute to the analysis of consumer behaviour and citizen awareness, as well as to a data mapping of the entire value chain. This will enable the project to develop market-based strategies and smart business models for a novel textile waste recycling.


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