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A 2050 Vision for Textiles

Imagine this. It is 2050 and you live in Flanders, Belgium. A circular economy. Almost all the textiles you own are not yours to keep: you are renting your t-shirts, your curtains, your winter jacket… You buy a mere 2 kilograms of clothing per year – those items that are most private. The European market […]

From pilot to scale: Resyntex engages with value chain players

Resyntex has moved into the real-world testing of its technology for the chemical and biotechnical recycling of textile waste, with the construction of a pilot installation in Maribor. This pilot demonstrates the integrated value chain from waste textiles to secondary raw materials. Whilst technical feasibility is proven, now is the time to gain business validation.  […]

Local Energy Communities – Exploring Research, Technologies and Regulations for their Implementation in Europe

Local energy communities and smart energy systems are key elements to increase the use of renewable energy resources at a local level, helping locations with weak connections to the national grid to maximise their energy independence whilst also reducing carbon emissions. With the participation of European policy-makers and leading companies of the energy sector, the […]

Increasing Innovation in Forest Ecosystem Services

How can we find the right balance between using our forests and protecting them? Redefining the way we look at our forests and the services they provide us, the SINCERE projects is developing innovating actions that aim at achieving a sustainable balance between using these services while increasing the protection of this ecosystem. On 28-29 […]

Citizen participation in the Middle East

Facilitating dialogue between stakeholders and empowering citizens to have their say in decision-making processes is a key mission for Prospex Institute. On 18 February 2018, we invited Mr Dirk Tieleman, Belgian journalist specialised in the Middle East, for a public talk about his experience in the region and recent evolutions regarding citizens’ participation in civic […]

First Citizen Lab in Ellesmere Port

As part of the SecREEts Public engagement strategy, Prospex Institute will facilitate Citizen Labs in different locations where SecREEts industrial plants are set up. These consultations are designed to engage a dialogue between local communities and SecREEts industrial partners. This will highlight local challenges and opportunities related to SecREEts, and help incorporate local stakeholders’ feedback […]