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How can civil society in South Eastern Europe participate more actively in the decision-making processes?

How can civil society in South Eastern Europe participate more actively in the decision-making processes? This was the central topic of discussion at the Prospex institute on 22 June with guest speaker and new Board Member Dr. Fedor Černe, Secretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Slovenia. Dr. Černe shared his views on the historical […]

Talking Textiles: Engaging with young consumers on the life-cycle of our clothes

  The global fashion and textiles industry is taking steps towards a circular economy system. In the process, it becomes increasingly clear that we need to understand the behaviour and perceptions of consumer groups, and engage closely with them in creating a more circular model of production, consumption and disposal. Within the European-funded project Resyntex, […]

The Value Chain Workshop, Second Edition

On 22nd and 23rd of March Prospex Institute organised the second Value-Chain Workshop in Lyon. Regrouping stakeholders from across the value-chain, the aim of this second edition was to look into the viability of industrial symbiosis approach. With a focus on PET and Polyamide fibres the participants shared their views and insights of the market […]

STORY 7th General Meeting

On the 17th of April 2018, the STORY consortium got together in Finland for the 7th General Meeting of the project. These General Meetings are a very important part of every research projects, they offer the opportunity for all projects partners who are based all over Europe to get in the same room and discuss […]

Resyntex Value Chain Workshops: where textile and chemical industries intersect 

  The circular economy is becoming real – through projects like Resyntex, funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme. Prospex Institute is part of Resyntex, which develops innovative recycling technology to transform textile waste into singular fibres, and subsequently into marketable chemicals which can be used in a wide range of applications, from adhesives to PET-bottles. Resyntex tries […]

Designing industrial symbiosis in the circular economy

On 7 and 8 December 2017, we organised our first Resyntex Value Chain Workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on the prospects for textile fibre reuse in a circular economy. Designed and facilitated by Prospex-Institute, the two-day workshop gathered key industry stakeholders to assess the viability of industrial symbiosis approaches such as the one developed by the Resyntex team, […]

Second Round of Citizen Labs in Maribor

On 4th and 5th December 2017, Prospex Institute organised a second round of Citizen Labs in Maribor, Slovenia, together with the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and the University of Maribor (UMARI). How are young pupils students disposing of old clothing and textile items? What are their motivations for buying clothes? Are they aware of the different recycling and […]