Prato and Annecy Stakeholders Contribute to the EU Wide Picture of Textile Waste Opportunities and Possibilities

Key fashion, textile and waste management participants in Prato, Italy took part in the fourth and final RESYNTEX stakeholder workshop event on Thursday 6th April 2017, as part of the ‘stakeholder mapping’ stage of the research project. Attendees of the event at the Chamber of Commerce in Prato were hosted by RESYNTEX partners from Prospex Institute, Biochemtex, Dettin and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Participants ranged from wool recyclers, used textile collectors, manufacturers, retailers, waste management organisations, local authorities and sectoral platforms, as well as research and innovation specialists. RESYNTEX partners from Prospex Institute and Manchester Metropolitan University introduced the EU research project, before technical partners from Dettin and Biochemtex outlined the chemical and mechanical processes involved in the RESYNTEX processing model, and how the outputs from the process could be used to create systemic change to European manufacturing.

Local participants were then given the opportunity to identify where opportunities for the RESYNTEX model could fit into current opportunities in Prato, what issues would need to be addressed the realise the business model and who the potential customers and clients of the outputs would be. Workshop participants were able to contribute their local knowledge and insights into how regional activities could complete the RESYNTEX circular economy value chain, and what sort of benefits this could create for the region.

Participants were then encouraged to stay in touch with project to keep abreast of further developments involving the next stage of citizen research, and to attend the 6th International Fibre Recycling Symposium in Manchester to receive a fuller outline of all stakeholder outcomes and RESYNTEX partner research. Partners from Prospex Institute and Manchester Metropolitan University also visited local radio station Radio Italia Cina in order to reach out and connect with any international textile and garment stakeholders operating in the local Prato area.

This workshop event followed on from the third and penultimate stakeholder workshop event in Annecy, France on Tuesday 13th December 2017, hosted by local RESYNTEX partners About Goods Company and visiting partners from Prospex Institute, Quantis and Manchester Metropolitan University. At this workshop in Annecy, participants identified areas where waste textiles occurred locally, and how these were dealt with, by whom and in what form.
Attendees were also given an outline of the technical RESYNTEX process and participated in research and discussion on how local activities and business could fit in with the RESYNTEX process to create eco-friendly circular economy textile opportunities. RESYNTEX focus group workshops mapping stakeholder insights have now taken place in Manchester, UK; Maribor, Slovenia; Annecy, France and Prato, Italy.

The next stages of the research will analyse these insights to create optimised collection and processing strategies, lifecycle analysis and business modelling and will take in citizen and consumer perspectives on used textiles and recycled fashion and textile goods. To stay up to date with these developments please follow the RESYNTEX project on social media and at the 6th International Fibre Recycling Symposium in Manchester.

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