Innovative energy storage business models

28 participants from across Europe convened in Brussels to engage with the STORY team, to discuss the project’s preliminary analysis on innovative energy storage business models, explore the potential of three cases (UK Power Network, Sonnen, and the STORY residential demo site in Belgium), test their sensitivity to future evolutions in the energy market, and what would be needed to make them more future-proof.

The workshop, hosted by the Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe and run by a team of Prospex Institute facilitators, was preceded by a visit to the STORY demonstration site in Oud-Heverlee in the morning: this residential demonstration site connects 8 buildings, integrating lead-acid batteries, thermal energy storage, PV panels, as well as other technologies including electric vehicles and smart home applications, into a micro-grid.

In the afternoon, the participants, including representatives from major industry associations, utility companies and start-ups, from across the energy value chain, analysed the above three cases and their business models through interactive discussions guided by facilitators. The contributions and statements produced by the participants during the workshop were collected by the STORY team and will be a crucial input for the project’s further work on energy markets, regulation & policy.

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