RESYNTEX | Stakeholder Focus Groups: collecting ideas on waste collection.

With the last workshop held in Annecy (France) on December 13th, the 2016 Resyntex workshop campaign is over, ready to restart during 2017 spring.

It has been a long tour across Europe, starting from Manchester (UK), passed through Maribor (Slovenia) and temporally stopping in France for a well-deserved rest during winter time. Each Focus Group aimed at gathering stakeholders involved in the textile and waste management sectors, in order to hear their opinions and inputs about the insertion of circular economy processes in their regions.

Local producers and manufacturers, public authorities and representatives from civil society were involved, through a highly participative approach designed by Prospex Institute, in a discussion regarding the most common sources of textile waste in their region, the existing systems of collection and the obstacles to face on the road of a greater efficiency in textile waste disposal.

With no surprise, stakeholders from different Focus Groups highlighted different aspects relevant for their regions and came up with different suggestions. However, some communalities can be found in the recognition of the growing important of this issue for the local economies, with also a deep impact on the environment.

The Resyntex team then showed the opportunities that its technology could offer to the local textile production chain, with a positive influence transversally extended on the whole textile sector. A positive influence that needs to be fed by comments and opinion from engaged people, as it was.

For more information about the project, visit the Resyntex website.

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